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Eine kleine Auswahl von Nachrichten, die ich aus der ganze Welt bekomme. Mehr finden Sie auf meiner facebook Seite.


Hello Walter, I enjoy your excellent photos. Technical are the perfect. Portraits speak to the soul. I wish you much success. Berlin is a wonderful city. Kind regards from the Croatian.

Dragica Petrović

Hey Walter, I love your portrait's, beautiful contrast in most of them. Great work!

Wil Mijer

Next week I am starting a Portrait class, hope I can get something anywhere near what you have done, just gorgeous.

Patricia Gilman

Hello Walter, ' Faces of London' is refreshing in approach, both by its content and treatment. I loved the way you have created the 'stark' look to many pictures, as if printed on the old no 6 illford paper. Hoping to see much more of your good work, cheers, Prateek

Prateek Dubey

Love your photography !!!!

Dagmara Dylewska Wasilewska

Très très beau travail, merci pour la découverte !

Philippe Haumont

Hello, I'm appreciating your work very much!

Marek Trizuljak

Excellent work Walter!

Paul Emery

I really enjoyed this your page. Congratulations! Continue to do fantastic work!

Joaquim Machado

Greatest page my friend :)

Mardy Suong

amazing work ....i love it

Andree Pulicani

Buongiorno. Bellissime immagini

Maria de Castro